Total Contribution (USD) 0
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall N/A
Donor Ranking per capita N/A
Total Contribution (USD) 4,416,024
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 8
Donor Ranking per capita 5
Total Contribution (USD) 12,039,818
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 4
Donor Ranking per capita 2
Total Contribution (USD) 18,086,600
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 3
Donor Ranking per capita 1
Total Contribution (USD) 784,402
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 12
Donor Ranking per capita 8
Total Contribution (USD) 2,933,179
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 9
Donor Ranking per capita 5
Total Contribution (USD) 11,429,206
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 5
Donor Ranking per capita 2
Total Contribution (USD) 9,866,375
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 5
Donor Ranking per capita 2
Total Contribution (USD) 8,488,096
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 6
Donor Ranking per capita 2
Total Contribution (USD) 5,902,247
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 9
Donor Ranking per capita 3

Total Contributions US$ million

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Earmarked 3.1M 5.4M 7.5M 9.1M 0 784K 18.1M 12.0M 4.4M 0
Non-earmarked 2.8M 3.0M 2.4M 2.3M 2.9M 0 0 0 0 0
Total Contribution 5.9M 8.5M 9.9M 11.4M 2.9M 784K 18.1M 12.0M 4.4M 0
As at 30th September 2019 as presented to the Committee of Permanent Representatives

Projects funded by Sweden

Project Title Location Start End Status Project Value
Support to UN-Habitat Change Agenda Global 01-Jul-2018 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing $2,213,220
Yangon Informal Settlement - Resettlments programme Myanmar 14-Jun-2018 30-Sep-2019 Ongoing $395,303
Support to the implementation of the UN-Habitat Country Programme for Ethiopia Ethiopia 22-May-2018 30-Dec-2020 Ongoing $1,807,501
Challenge Based Innovation in Urban Planning, energy & transport in emerging economies Global 20-Dec-2017 30-Jun-2018 Closed $325,745
Support of the National Urban Policy Program in Bolivia 2017-2020 18-Dec-2017 31-Dec-2020 Ongoing $7,544,007
Fostering inclusive development and good governance in Northern Kosovo 2017-2020 23-Aug-2017 30-Sep-2020 Ongoing $4,302,926
Functionally Effective Legal Urban Frameworks: Identifying Models and Implementation Paths in Urban Development Global 31-Dec-2016 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing $375,049
Innovative Solutions for Displacement in Somalia 06-Dec-2016 30-Jun-2018 Closed $1,086,838
Gender Mainstreaming and Women Empowerment at UN-Habitat Global 01-Sep-2016 31-Dec-2017 Closed $305,824
Developing and Financing City Climate Action Plans 29-Aug-2016 26-Nov-2019 Ongoing $300,039
SIDA Global 15-Aug-2016 31-May-2018 Closed $584,932
Pro-poor planning of Climate Resilience in Marginalized Neighborhoods Global 01-Aug-2016 31-Jul-2020 Ongoing $300,039
Institutionalization of Results based Management in UN-Habitat Global 01-Jul-2016 30-May-2020 Ongoing $993,928
Strengthening Management and Accountability - Reporting and International Aid Transparency Initiative Global 01-Jun-2016 30-May-2020 Ongoing $611,648
Integrated and Participatory Urban Plans and Public Space for Compact, Connected and Inclusive Cities Global 01-Jun-2016 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing $637,583
UrbanLex - The Urban Law Information System Global 16-May-2016 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing $562,573
Global Housing Strategy (2016-2019) Global 01-Mar-2016 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing $300,039
2016-2019 SIDA PCA Global 23-Feb-2016 30-May-2020 Ongoing $8,666,584
Gender Mainstreaming Global 23-Feb-2016 30-May-2020 Ongoing $305,824
Partnership Coordination and the New Urban Agenda Global 23-Feb-2016 30-May-2020 Ongoing $396,187
Global Land Tool Network, Phase 2 Global 23-Feb-2016 30-May-2020 Ongoing $712,593
Local governments for sustainable urban development Phase II 2016-2019 Global 23-Feb-2016 23-May-2020 Ongoing $675,088
Enhancing Global Action for Safer Cities: Support to Action for the Creation of Safer Cities Global 01-Jan-2016 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing $300,039
United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities Project 2016-2019 Global 01-Jan-2016 30-May-2020 Ongoing $300,039
State of Addis Ababa 2016 report Ethiopia 15-Oct-2015 30-Jun-2018 Closed $188,195
Job creation through public market rehabilitation in Mogadishu 01-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $621,041
Addressing the Risk of Fraud and Corruption in UN Habitat Projects Global 01-Oct-2014 31-Mar-2017 Closed $196,756
Mainstreaming Human Rights in Human Settlements Global 01-Jul-2014 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing $412,554
Strengthening Partnerships for Habitat III - Focus on the Asia Pacific Region 01-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2017 Closed $445,649
Pursuing Sustainable Urban Development through National Urban Policies, Regional & Metropolitan Planning Global 01-Jan-2014 30-May-2020 Ongoing $426,002
Core Evaluation Activities for the 2014-2015 Workplan Global 01-Jan-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $258,646
Legal Advice and Assistance on a Range of Issues Pertaining to the Activities of UN Habitat and to Reduce Exposure of Risks, Legal Claims and Liabilities Global 01-Jan-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $129,323
Support to the Liberian Land Commission Phase II 01-Jan-2014 31-Oct-2016 Closed $2,321,349
Implementation of Project Accrual and Accountability System Global 24-Jan-2013 31-Dec-2014 Closed $300,169
Development of Knowledge Management Systems Global 01-Jan-2013 30-Sep-2016 Closed $61,562
Support to the Sustainable Urban Development Sector in Kenya, 2012-2014 Kenya 01-Jan-2013 31-Dec-2018 Closed $3,700,255
Mainstreaming and Strengthening Youth and Democracy at the Local level to create Safer Cities Kenya 20-Nov-2012 19-Nov-2014 Closed $38,477
Urban Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Development Global 01-Jan-2012 30-Oct-2016 Closed $1,651,212
Improving Urban Legal Frameworks for the extension and Densification of cities Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Mar-2017 Closed $1,829,339
Strengthening Urban Education, Research and University-City linkages through the Habitat Partner University Initiative Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2014 Closed $204,841
Core Evaluation Activities of the 2012-2013 Work Programme Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2013 Closed $211,542
Open UN Habitat Transparency Initiative Global 01-Jan-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $846,792
Global Land Tool Network - Phase II Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Oct-2016 Closed $2,964,044
Promoting Integrated and Sustainable Urban Development through Networks Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2018 Closed $1,962,549
Local Governance Catalytic Project Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2017 Closed $996,649
Enhancing Global Action for Safer Cities - Phase III Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Mar-2017 Closed $918,246
Promotion of Pro-poor Land and Housing - Sustainable Housing, Slum Upgrading and Community Development Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2016 Closed $1,512,986
United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities Project Global 01-Jan-2012 30-Sep-2016 Closed $1,212,238
Municipal Spatial Planning Support Project Phase III 01-Nov-2011 30-Jun-2017 Closed $4,360,537
Water and Sanitation Trust Fund Mali 01-Jun-2011 31-Dec-2012 Closed $62,244
Human Settlements and Crisis Programme Global 01-Apr-2011 31-Aug-2016 Closed $51,397
Support to the Liberian Land Commission 01-Jan-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $1,470,625
Medium Term Strategic and Institutional Plan, Focus Area 2 Global 01-Jan-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $2,098,453
Launch of the Police Platform for Urban Development, Barcelona, Spain, 5-6 November 2009 Global 01-Oct-2009 31-Oct-2009 Closed $43,868
Support to the land sector donor group in Kenya Kenya 01-Jan-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $1,060,600
Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme 01-Apr-2008 31-May-2016 Closed $4,575,049
Improvement of Living Conditions of Internally Displaced Person'S In Jowhar And Baidoa, Somalia 01-Jan-2008 30-Jun-2011 Closed $2,275,780
Global Land Tool Network Global 01-Jan-2008 31-May-2016 Closed $2,210,845
Disaster Management Program Normative Support to the Emergency Shelter Cluster 2007 Global 01-Nov-2007 31-May-2016 Closed $344,005
Training and Technical Support For Earthquake Resistant Housing Reconstruction Pakistan 01-Dec-2006 31-Dec-2011 Closed $4,251,435
Sustainable Urban Safety through Prevention and Inclusive Governance Global 01-Dec-2006 31-Dec-2011 Closed $2,465,941
Lake Victoria Region City Development Strategies for Improvement 30-Nov-2006 31-Oct-2010 Closed $4,647,300
Evaluation of Habitat Programme Managers Sweden 01-Jun-2006 31-Dec-2006 Closed $100,000
Slum Upgrading Facility Global 01-Apr-2006 31-Dec-2010 Closed $3,189,755
Global Land Tool Network for Pro-Poor Land Tools Development - African Region 01-Apr-2006 30-Jun-2008 Closed $269,975
Safer Cities Tanzania Project Tanzania 01-Jan-2006 31-Dec-2009 Closed $243,538
Medium Term Strategic and Institutional Plan for 2008-2013 Global 01-Jan-2006 31-Dec-2007 Closed $200,000
Support to the Preparations for the World Urban Forum III Global 01-Jan-2006 31-Dec-2006 Closed $108,000
Design of basket funded project proposal for a global network of pro poor land tool network Global 01-Aug-2005 31-Dec-2008 Closed $203,283
Managing the HIV/AIDS Pandemic at the Local Level in Africa Global 01-Mar-2004 31-Dec-2007 Closed $401,745
The Lake Victoria Municipal Development Strategies for Improved Urban Development and Poverty Reduction Italy 01-Jan-2004 30-Apr-2010 Closed $1,792,482
Water and Sanitation Programme Global 01-Dec-2003 31-Dec-2008 Closed $2,954,369
Initiation of Water and Sanitation Trust Fund Global 01-May-2003 31-Dec-2004 Closed $149,553
Feasibility Study for an International Municipal Development and Housing Global 01-Oct-2002 31-Dec-2004 Closed $99,970
City Strategies in Cities around Lake Victoria Kenya 15-Jan-2002 31-Dec-2003 Closed $153,367
Safer Cities, Dar es Saalam Tanzania 30-Jun-2001 31-Dec-2005 Closed $204,591
Water-Related Environmental Education in African Cities Global 01-Apr-2001 31-Dec-2003 Closed $259,795
Kosovo Cadastre Support Programme Others 01-Jul-2000 31-May-2016 Closed $557,414

Projects in Sweden

Project Title Start End Status Donors Project Value
Evaluation of Habitat Programme Managers 01-Jun-2006 31-Dec-2006 Closed Sweden $100,000

Implementing Partners registered in Sweden

Partner Partner Category
Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy Civil society